Prospective Students

There are three clinical research programs housed within the Clinic for Emotional Health (CEH). Prospective students interested in working within CEH must first apply to and be accepted into one of three Psychology PhD programs at the University of Kentucky. CEH faculty are available to serve as primary research mentors for doctoral students in the ClinicalCognitive Neuroscience; and Developmental, Social, and Health programs. 

Each CEH faculty member directs their own clinical research program and serves as a primary research mentor to students wishing to gain intensive mentorship in that specialized area of focus. Prospective doctoral students typically identify a primary mentor and research program to work frombut collaboration among CEH research teams and more broadly among faculty in Psychology and other departments (e.g., Behavioral Science, Sociology, Social Work, Public Health) is welcomed and encouraged. Our view is that the strongest approach to science is one that brings together a diverse team of people working together to capitalize on innovative ideas. Many prospective applicants indicate interest in working with more than one faculty member in their application. Prospective students should clearly outline how they see their interests fitting with each potential mentor they identify in their application:

CEH Research Programs:

Prospective Students from Diverse and Non-Traditional Backgrounds:

Meaningful and inclusive advances in clinical science can only occur when ALL voices are brought to the table. Our aim at CEH is to create a space where faculty, trainees, patients, and research participants all feel safe to share their unique perspectives and feel heard. We know that women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, those from less socially and economically privileged backgrounds, first-generation college students, and individuals with various marginalized identities face unique challenges at each stage of their education and professional career. CEH faculty are interested in training the best candidates, and these candidates can and often do come from marginalized or less traditional backgrounds. If you are considering applying to one or more of the CEH research programs, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your application before you apply. We will provide you with additional information about our work that may help you make a decision about whether to apply.


Dr. Adams and Dr. Sauer-Zavala are both recruiting graduate students for the 2020/2021 academic year. Dr. Badour will not be recruiting a student during this cycle.