Undergraduate Training

The University of Kentucky Center for Emotional Health (CEH) is both a research and training clinic. As such, undergraduate students working in CEH, regardless of their primary role, will be exposed to a range of clinical and research activities. 

Research in Psychology (PSY 394/395)
University of Kentucky students can gain supervised research experience working on a CEH research project in exchange for PSY 394 or PSY 395 credit hours under the direction of a Faculty Research Mentor. Research Assistants may be involved in the development of study protocols, preparation of IRB materials, recruitment (i.e., conducting phone screens, posting ads), executing lab procedures with participants, and processing and analysis of data. Opportunities for participating in academic writing (e.g., submission of research posters and manuscripts) are available and encouraged. Students tend to benefit the most from getting involved with a research lab early on in their studies and continuing for a year or more. As such, we require at least a one year commitment.

Students can apply to work in the following CEH research programs:
Anxiety Research Clinic (ARC) - Dr. Tom Adams
The Stress, Trauma, and Recovery Research Collaborative (STARRC) - Dr. Christal Badour
Treatment Innovation for Psychological Services (TIPS) - Dr. Shannon Sauer-Zavala

Senior Honors Thesis (PSY 495/496)
The senior honors thesis program is a two-semester capstone course in psychology, designed for senior majors who are considering going on to graduate school in psychology. The student works closely with a faculty mentor on an individual research project. Students completing and honors thesis have typically already served as a 394 or 395 student in one of the three CEH research programs. Additional information about the Senior Honors Thesis requirements and application can be found here.

Undergraduate Internship (PSY 399/PSY 499)
University of Kentucky students can pursue an undergraduate internship through CEH in exchange for PSY 399 and PSY 499 credit hours during the fall and spring sessions. Students can also engage in volunteer internships (non-credit option) during the summer. This position offers students interested in pursuing careers in mental health the opportunity to learn about the operations of an outpatient training clinic that integrates science and practice into all activities. Interns will gain experience checking patients in and out and scheduling appointments, answering phones, completing brief phone screens with patients, and assisting with medical records. Students will also attend weekly staff meetings and seminars to learn more about the assessment and therapy process and the operations of the Center.  Students must be Junior or Senior psychology majors with a Psychology GPA of 3.2 and an overall 3.0 GPA. Additional information about the Undergraduate Internship can be found here.