As a research and training clinic within the University of Kentucky Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, the Clinic for Emotional Health (CEH) adheres to the Clinical Science model of training and education. This means we believe that a science-centered pursuit of knowledge is the best framework for studying clinical problems, and such an approach is needed in order to develop, evaluate, refine, and disseminate the most effective psychological treatments to people seeking help for emotional difficulties. Our Clinical Science training program is a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science, and is accredited by both the American Psychological Association and the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System

Faculty at CEH are actively engaged in supervision of both research activities and clinical service delivery. Trainees working at CEH do not need to choose whether they want to be scientists or practitioners, as we see the two as inherently intertwined. True integration of science and practice means that one cannot function without the other. In line with this model, we offer a range of professional training opportunities for:

We also occasionally have training and employment opportunities available for recent graduates of bachelors and masters programs in psychology or related disciplines. Ideal candidates for these positions are individuals who are interested in gaining more experience with clinical research prior to applying to doctoral training programs.