Navigating the mental health system can be overwhelming and frustrating. This process is further complicated when providers say they use popular research-based treatments, such as mindfulness or cognitive behavior therapy, but do not have the necessary training to deliver these interventions.

At the Clinic for Emotional Health, patients receive the highest quality care available when they participate in our clinical trials. Our Clinic Directors were trained at world-renowned clinics, and are committed to bringing state-of-the-art mental health treatment to the Bluegrass region through their research and training initiatives. In addition, all of our providers are also researchers at the University of Kentucky. Not only are we up-to-date on the latest science from around the world, but we are also actively involved in conducting cutting-edge research that will improve the lives of people struggling with emotional difficulties. Thus, when you enroll in a treatment study at CEH, you can be sure that your clinician has the expertise to address your difficulties. When they participate in our treatment studies, patients receive their sessions at no cost. Click here to learn more about the currently available treatment studies.

If you are interested in receiving mental health treatment but do not wish to participate in research, please contact the Harris Center at the University of Kentucky to learn more about fee-for-service therapy offered through the Department of Psychology or contact the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Kentucky