From Mechanism to Action
Our primary research mission is to improve the lives of those affected by emotional problems and trauma by advancing knowledge of the factors that cause and maintain the issues and by developing novel treatment techniques and treatment delivery strategies. The cores of the CEH research initiative are the Cognitive Neuroscience & Behavior Therarpy (CnBT), Stress, Trauma, and Recovery Research Collaborative (STARRC), and Treatment Innovation for Psychological Services (TIPS) laboratories. From basic mechanistic cognitive neuroscience to community-based treatment delivery research, these three groups cover an ever-expanding range of research topics. 

The CEH is committed to the scientific pursuit of knowledge, empiricism, and open-minded skepticism. As clinical-scientists, this commitment cuts through all three pillars of the CEH: We adopt an evidence-based approach to treatment; using only empirically-supported treatments (Div. 12) and empirically-supported principles of change. We are devoted to training and mentoring future scientists and to disseminating evidence-based practice to practitioners and the broader community. We also conduct cutting-edge and rigorous research; including a diversity of stand-alone research projects and clinical research that is fully integrated into our treatment services.